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What the Medieval Doctor Ordered

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Love Potions, Impotence Cures and Beauty tips from Ireland & Scandinavia

Milk, holy water, ginger, fennel, dung, snails, lizards and bull’s testicles… Medieval medicine often called for bizarre ingredients, charms, torture-like surgical procedures and colourful concoctions of herbs, spices and animal parts.

Join four researchers from Belfast, Cambridge and Maynooth as they guide you through the language, remedies and ingredients used by medieval doctors in Ireland and Scandinavia to cure, amongst other ailments, lovesickness, impotence and ageing.

You will squirm, you will laugh but most of all, you will be captivated by the marvels of medieval medicine!


  • Dr Sharon Arbuthnot (University of
  • Dr Sarah Baccianti (National Museums NI)
  • Dr Siobhán Barrett (Maynooth University)
  • Dr Deborah Hayden (Maynooth University)
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