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The Oil Machine – Screening & Discussion

This event has ended

This event is part of SIREN23.

Does this year’s heat waves worry you? Have you had to choose between heating and eating this winter? And are 100 new licences for drilling in the North Sea the right answer to that?

Oil has been an invisible machine at the core of our economy and society. It now faces an uncertain future as activists and investors demand change.

Join us for a screening of ‘The Oil Machine’ followed by a discussion with climate activists Anna Kernahan and Dylan Hamilton, who features in the documentary.

Anna Kernahan

Anna Kernahan is an 18-year-old climate activist and writer from Belfast, founder of Fridays for Future NI and Amnesty International Bravery Award winner.

Dylan Hamilton

Dylan Hamilton is a teenage climate justice and trans rights activist from Scotland. He began striking from school for the climate in early 2019 at the age of 14 and has continued every Friday since.

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