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Rude Science with Stefan Gates (Belfast)

This event has ended

(Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Science No One Ever Talks About)

Scientist and presenter Stefan Gates is back, answering the questions that everyone is too shy to ask!

Rude Science follows in the flatulent footsteps of Fartology, taking on those unmentionable body substances with which we’re all so familiar, but rarely talk about in polite company. Stefan tackles eternal questions such as:

  • How much snot can a person produce in one day?
  • Why do men have nipples?
  • What’s earwax for?
  • What is toe cheese?

It’s packed with weird and wonderful facts about our bodies and the disgusting gloops and gunks we ooze every single day. Reclaim your bodily functions with fun and scientific facts that will fascinate kids and adults alike.


Stefan Gates has spent years researching revolting science and experimenting on himself for TV, books and live tours including Fartology and his Utterly Revolting Science family shows staged at venues including the Royal Academy and Butlin’s Centrestage. He has made over 20 TV series and written nine books including Fartology (2018), Catology and Dogology (2021).

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