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Insights from Madagascar and the Amazon – National Geographic Explorer Series

This event has ended

NI Science Festival welcomes National Geographic Explorer Ricardo Rocha!

What are the links between bats, human food security and forest regeneration? Although elusive creatures, due to their mostly nocturnal behaviour, bats are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating groups of mammals.

Based on examples from Madagascar and the Brazilian Amazon, learn about how tropical bats react to deforestation and how, by helping farmers and planting secondary forests, they can contribute to human food security and help reverse the effects of climate change.


Ricardo Rocha is an Associate Professor in Conservation Science at the Department of Biology, University of Oxford and a Tutorial Fellow at Jesus College. Originally from the subtropical Madeira Island he’s worked and studed in countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, Costa Rica, China, Kenya, Guinea Bissau, Malaysia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Finland and Portugal.

This event is part of NI Science Festival’s Climate summit SIREN23.

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