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Eoghan Daltun – An Irish Atlantic Rainforest

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A Personal Journey into the Magic of Rewilding

Discover what happens when you let nature grow wild …

Fulfilling his ambition to rewild a 73-acre farmland in West Cork, author Eoghan Daltun will share fascinating insights from his new book on how he established a flourishing Irish rainforest on the Beara Peninsula. Inspiring both in its creation and in the conversations it invites us to have about how we interact with our environment, An Irish Atlantic Rainforest shows what can be achieved simply by letting nature do what it does best.

Combining memoir with some of the pertinent environmental issues facing us today, this is a story infused with passion, determination and, not least perhaps, a little bit of hope…

This event is part of SIREN23 in Ulster University.


Eoghan Daltun is a sculpture conservator, a farmer and, above all, a rewilder. He has travelled widely, as well as living abroad in London, Paris and Prague. He spent seven years studying sculpture in Carrara, Tuscany.

Over the years since, Eoghan has brought life in all its explosive vibrancy back to the land, with new temperate rainforest spontaneously forming where previously there was only barren grass. Restoring such an incredibly rich ecosystem has taken him on a fantastic journey of discovery, lifting a curtain to reveal a whole universe of wonders beyond.

Rewilding most of the land, and High Nature Value farming the rest, there has been plenty of time to reflect deeply on the ecological crisis unfolding at terrifying speed all around us, and its solutions.

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