A rebrand is a serious commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Join us from 9-11am on the 22nd February at The Academy Restaurant at Ulster University for a very special breakfast event with our very own branding expert and Design Director, Ryan Stanfield.

Ryan has been a branding specialist for over 10 years and has taken part in many rebrands across various industries and sectors making him one of the most knowledgeable experts in his field as well as well as a valued asset to the Kaizen Brand Evolution team. Over the years Ryan has helped oversee some of the most influential rebrands both big and small working on brands such as Punchestown Racecourse, McQuillan and United Wines to name just a few.

Ryan will use these years of experience to show you if and when your business should be thinking of a rebrand when the ideal time to transition through the process is and the best ways to mitigate this process.

The event will begin at 9am, followed by a short intermission period where breakfast will be provided then rounded up with a Q and A and networking segment.

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