Meet Fiachra, Conn, Aodhn and Fionnghula the children of the great sea god Lir.

Lir has remarried and their new stepmother isn’t too keen on her new husband’s brood. With every passing day she grows more and more jealous. Watch the story unfold as the children become prey to their stepmother’s envy. With ‘Magical Mystical Irishy Sorcery’ the children begin a transformative quest and journey among a strange land with even stranger inhabitants.

Our Tiny Epically, Fantastical, magical journey interweaves storytelling, puppetry, original song/music, and zany characters to  bring young audiences a message of caring for the environment, as well as introducing them to some of the famous myths of Ireland.

This film was produced using recycled and repurposed materials.

A safe children's theatre experience in our current climate.

Created and performed by Noel Andrew Harron, Aimée Magee and Xavier Macadé Costa.  Available until January 2021. Watch on For Free!


Supported by @artscouncilni and @aceagrams.

For @skewbaldtheatre by @noellyboy, @aimeemagee_art, and @xaviermcmusic.

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