This series of Art Therapy Workshops runs each morning from 6 - 10 to April at the MAC.

There's no need to book - just drop in and experience art as a therapeutic tool.

In response to Mark Garry's Songs and the Soil Exhibition, this series allows you to take some time out to focus on yourself, get back to nature and build a more mindful approach to life.

Monday 6 April
Cardboard workshop
This workshop explores the potential of cardboard as a therapeutic art tool.

Tuesday 7 April
Blackout poetry and repurposed books workshop
This workshop introduces the technique of blackout poetry and the therapeutic potential of repurposed books and links themes of poetry and song within the exhibition.

“An altered book in art therapy re-purposes a pre-existing book into a new creation by using art materials and processes such as cut and paste, drawing, collage, painting, sewing and assemblage to alter the book. Repurposed books can be used as a container for the therapeutic process and a record of personal unfolding narrative” - Gioia Chilton, Altered Books in Art Therapy with Adolescents

Wednesday 8 April
Natural collage and visual breathing workshop
Garry’s use of baby breath flowers in the exhibition is referenced in this workshop in which found natural materials will be used to create collages and paint will be used in a mindfulness breathing exercise.

A range of studies have cited the benefits of mindfulness-based workshops including reduced stress and anxiety, improved memory and concentration and increased sense of overall wellbeing.

Thursday 9 April
Painting with found natural materials workshop
This workshop uses found natural materials as tools for painting and mark making.

Painting is a sensory experience incorporating mind, body and vision to produce a form of self-expression through the movement and the materials. The use of natural materials in this workshop ties in with the themes of nature and landscape within the exhibition and help us approach the painting process in a different way.

Friday 10 April
Chalk landscapes workshop
Linking in with Garry’s themes of landscape and alternative approaches to landscape, this workshop uses a mindful approach and chalk as a material to create our own specific, individual landscape.

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