Craft NI are delighted to share the details of their new exhibition, Peter Meanley: New Works. This solo show will feature unique new works by the renowned salt glaze potter Peter Meanley, which he has developed over the last three years.

Peter, who has won international acclaim for his mastery of the salt glazing technique, will show fascinating spouted pouring vessels for the first time in 10 years. Peter’s work initially consisted of strikingly engineered teapots and other functional forms. In time, his focus and never tiring curiosity for the world around him and its possibilities led him to make new forms that can ‘contain liquid’ and can be used to pour from. His fascination with these new forms and his continuous exploration of the salt-fired process yielded the compelling spouted pouring vessels which form the core of this exhibition. Apart from his spouted pouring vessels, the exhibition will show Peter’s puzzle jugs. A technically complex piece, the puzzle jug has a perforated collar, making it impossible to pour from, unless the drinker knows there is a hole, or number of holes which they must cover with their fingers, to allow the liquid to flow without spilling.  The puzzle jugs were Peter’s lockdown project which he found inspiration for in the early medieval puzzle jugs which served not so much as a drinking tool but as a drinking game (a well-known example of this puzzle jugs is the Exeter Jug, which dates back to 1300 AD).


This unique exhibition is supported by three talks which will give the audience a unique opportunity to hear Peter Meanley talk about his work and share insight into his practice, processes and inspiration: 'Exhibition opening night and Peter Meanley talk’ (Craft NI Gallery, 5 May at 6pm), 'Technical talk: Salt Glazing with Peter Meanley’ (Craft NI Gallery, 21 May at 12 noon) and 'Peter Meanley: Reflections’ (Ulster Museum, 26 May at 12 noon).


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