This Show Is An Action started as a question between friends:

Has dyke culture ever been seen as vital, if seen at all, and is it maybe now more vital than ever?

Taking our cue from our The New Lesbian Songbook project, Outburst decided to put two lesbian artists from different generations together to see if they could come up with some answers.

Belfast based musician/songwriter Danielle Carragher (Dani Larkin) and Manchester writer/comedian Debs Gatenby had never met before when they embarked on a series of video chats, WhatsApp conversations and short residencies over six months, to unpack a history of living, loving and organising and to put together a show from what they discovered.

What began as an exploration of social history, invisibility and identity turned into something much more intimate, experimental and expansive, as happens when you get dykes together with some old tapes, a big plate of cheese and an acoustic guitar.

Sifting unflinchingly through the pains and joys of dyke life, existential Zoom meltdowns and asides about star signs, This Show Is An Action riffs on 1970s wimmin’s music, the power of community, lesbian kinships and faded political t-shirts.
What is dyke culture in 2020 and what can a new generation - all genders and identities - learn from what went before? Expect new songs, old songs and reflections on dyke life past and present, in an openhearted, inclusive, funny and timely call to collective action.
Tickets for In Person events are strictly limited to small numbers to ensure social distancing. 

We’ve put on extra performances to make sure as many of you who want to can experience live shows safely and comfortably. 

You have the option to book an individual ticket (this is 1 ticket, seated individually) or a pair of tickets (this is 2 tickets, seated together with someone in your bubble.)
Our seating set-up is fixed for optimum safety, so please book early to avoid disappointment. 
This Show Is An Action will be presented live at the Black Box for limited, socially distanced audiences across two performances, pending official regulations on the scheduled dates.

If live audience presentation is not possible, a live gathering based on project will be available online at the same times and the full show will be presented live when that’s possible.

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