As LGBT people living in Jamaica, we are often forced out of spaces simply because of who we are or how we identify.

Within the spaces we create for ourselves, we have learned one thing: to always be creative. Jamaican LGBT Creatives are breaking barriers in Style and Fashion, and when it comes to visibility and activism, our community must be included. Every day we are reminded that we are brave, because we are not free.
Our presence is our resilience.

In a new Outburst commission, we’re excited to present a unique on-street exhibition of images from Jamaican queer creative activists in the heart of Belfast’s historic Smithfield area.
Conceived in Kingston and shot in the city’s Waterfront area in October 2020, Our Presence is Our Resilience is a bold declaration of defiance and power that illuminates how Jamaican queer and trans folx have turned their passion for fashion into an exhilarating form of activism. Informed and inspired by style magazines and the fight for justice for black trans lives in Jamaica and beyond, Emani Edwards, Kyym Savage and their team have created images that speak to the faith and fierceness of taking up space.

Works will be displayed in the Smithfield car park and on frontage in Gresham Street and Winetavern Street.

Project supported by British Council and Belfast City Council.

Displayed in Smithfield by permission of Bywater, Ashmore and Smithfield Yard. With thanks to Haller Clarke.


Creative Director/ Stylist/ Model: Emani Edwards @emanithegenderlessstylist
Creative Assistant/Model: Kyym Savage @Kyym_Savage
Model/Artist: Akeem Walker @Akeemwalker710
Make-up Artist: Nassive @Nasouvebeautybar
Make-up Artist: Khajay @emphasis_faces_by_khj
Hairstylist: Paris Lewinsky @i_am_paris_lewinsky
Style Assistant: Shauna Wilson @Shauna_k_fashionista_avoir
Photographer: Sasheina @Sasheina

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