At this event we will reimagine what it would take to stop the 'brain drain' of graduates leaving Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's society, politics and economy have suffered for years with bright young minds leaving to find better opportunities abroad. It's estimated that every year around a third of our graduates leave Northern Ireland to go to England, Scotland and Wales. But is that the full picture? Are we better staying or going?

Members of Integrated AlumNI will host this discussion on 'home'. We'll hear from speakers who have returned to the North after many years away, and those who have moved here from elsewhere and now call NI home. Let's reimagine what it would take to stop the 'brain drain'.

This event is presented by Integrated AlumNI, a network of past students and ambassadors of integrated education in Northern Ireland. We campaign and lobby for the further provision of integrated education in Northern Ireland and we have networks established in various locations in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

As a registered charity (NIC106805) we support the work of the Integrated Education Fund (IEF) and the Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education (NICIE).

Doors: 6.30pm

Strictly 18+

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