We’re excited to announce that over the coming months, Outburst Arts will be starting a brand new programme of screenings, talks, workshops and happenings exploring some of the queer ideas that underpin queer arts, film, pop culture and theory.

Queer notions are not just for Festival, they're for life!

This is a programme for everyone to dip into, whether you’re an established or emerging queer artist or someone who just loves queer books, films and ideas and wants to experience and learn more, in a supported space, with some greats guests. You can come and participate or just watch, read or listen. More on that soon, but first up...

U.S. writer and educator Matt Brim is doing some vital work at the moment around queer learning and how our class backgrounds impact on that. His new book "Poor Queer Studies: Confronting Elitism in the Universities" (Duke University Press) is out in April, and we're delighted that Matt will join us in Belfast to share some of his ideas. "Poor Queer Studies" shows how some of the most exciting new ideas in queer theory are happening outside of elite schools and universities, in places where queer theory and working class knowledge meet.

"The stories of our queer + class lives are important to tell, but they’re often hard to piece together. In this talk and discussion, we will explore queerness in relation to the material conditions and class structures of our lives—at work and school, in our communities, as raced and gendered bodies. What cross-class queer politics and theories can we build from the ground up when we share our queer + class narratives?"

Matt's talk will be introduced by Jamie Hagen, who is on strike from Queen's University Centre for Gender in Politics. Outburst supports the striking workers and students impacted by the struggle for fairer conditions in Universities.

Matt Brim is Associate Professor of Queer Studies in the English department at College of Staten Island, NY. He teaches a variety of courses in LGBTQ literature and women's studies, often with a focus on black feminist/queer studies. He is the author of James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination (U. of Michigan Press, 2014) and co-editior of the collection Imagining Queer Methods (with Amin Ghaziani; NYU Press, 2019).

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