Lith printing is one of the more modern alternative photographic techniques, as it was invented in the 1970s.

It is a photographic printing process, that uses standard black-and-white photographic paper with lithographic developer (often heavily diluted standard developer) to produce a print with dark shadows and soft, bright highlights. It can give varying levels of contrast for the same exposure conditions.

It is an amazingly creative printing process, where the results, may vary from very detailed or ‘graphical’ to very grainy, painterly and colourful (from pink to orange to brown). Each print is very unique – so much so that it is very difficult to achieve repeatable results.

What you will need
- Basic darkroom printing knowledge is required for the course.
- Participants are required to bring their own small or medium format B&W film negatives, ready for printing.
- Equipment and materials are provided.

What you will learn

- A brief history of the processes.
- An introduction to the chemicals and equipment needed.
- How to mix the chemicals.
- The paper choice and paper coating techniques.
- The different sources of UV light.
- Explore contrast control, processing, exposing, bleaching and toning.
- Safe and proper handling of materials.

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