A former police detective and ex-Chief Crown Prosecutor come together to discuss law, race, prejudice and equality.

In Forced Out: A Black Gay Detective’s Story of Prejudice and ResilienceKevin Maxwell offers a powerful and sobering look inside the British police force. After a decade of intolerance and abuse as a gay black officer, he took the force to an employment tribunal, and his book details his employer’s machiavellian response, which included leaking his details to the tabloid press. In this event he exposes the full scale of racism, homophobia, entrenched prejudice and moral cherry-picking within the field of law enforcement.

Nazir Afzal was at the forefront of the British justice system for decades, as a Chief Prosecutor dealing with harrowing crimes from child sexual exploitation in the Rochdale grooming trials to so-called honour killings. In The Prosecutor: One Man’s Pursuit of Justice for the Voiceless, he shows us how his childhood in 1960s Birmingham facing racist violence set him on the path to his groundbreaking career, enabling him to help communities which the traditional justice system ignores.

Hosted by Una Mullally

Books, including a limited number of signed copies, will be available from No Alibis Bookshop.

Part of IN-visible ID-entities 2, an on-going BIAF initiative encouraging cultural collaboration across the island and supported by the Government of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

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