Golden Thread Gallery is delighted to be partnering with the Over the Hill Music Collective for a free online workshop with a difference.


In Room Songs, Paul Kane and Chip Bailey will use music and storytelling to ask how we are all relating to the rooms we live in during this time of strangeness, and hopefully generate some new music and songs too!

If you are working on music or song writing of your own and have been struggling, this workshop will help you kickstart your writing, giving you a structure to work with.

If you have never written a song before, but always wondered how to do it, this workshop will show you the journey of an original song, from the very first strumming of an idea to final recording of a finished track.

If you are feeling isolated, stifled or just in need of a good singsong, this is the place!

Get ready to tell stories, sing and play along, learn about songwriting and, by the end of the workshop, collaborate to create something new!

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