Aimed at ages 7-14 this workshop will take your child through the basics of creating their own comic book

About this Event

We’ll delve into:

  • What is a comic book
  • How to create a comic book plot
  • Creating your characters
  • Creating your locations
  • Publishing your comic book
  • Top tips and tools for going online and offline

And we’ll also chat about your ideas and discuss how you can improve your comic and why collaboration can be a powerful tool to creating successful comics.

About Tina Calder

Northern Ireland's Content Queen, Tina Calder is a journalist and commentator of 20 years, a publicist of 12 and a multi-platform media professional. The Belfast entrepreneur owns publicity management agency Excalibur Press based in the city's Cathedral Quarter.

From travelling across the UK and Ireland as a showbiz reporter, publicist and tour manager to becoming an award winning business journalist, Tina uses her varied and colourful career experiences to deliver bespoke publicity and communications strategies.

To put it bluntly she'll show you how to get stuff done!

About The Northern Ireland Festival of Writing

The inaugural Northern Ireland Festival of Writing took place in April & May of 2019.

In launching the festival it was our aim to bring together a range of local writers and content creators from across the wide spectrum of talents that we have in Northern Ireland, to run a series of events and workshops wherein those aspiring and emerging in their chosen creative field would have the opportunity to learn from those who had successfully carved a path for them to follow, as well as providing a platform for local writers at all points in their writing journey, to showcase their achievements.

The Festival was a huge success, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt to us, that not only was there a wealth of writing talent in Northern Ireland, keen to be tapped, developed, promoted and celebrated, but also, that the work of The Merlin Project was much needed and appreciated in our current climate.

We had a level of support that went well beyond our expectations, with established artists and organisations willing to give up their time and expertise to help others develop their craft, as well as our database of people wishing to take part in and develop from the festival, reaching numbers of mind-blowing proportions.

About The Merlin Project

At The Merlin Project, we seek to educate, empower and encourage people to use to use the power of their words to help them develop their confidence, enhance and improve their communication skills and overcome personal and societal issues in order to improve the quality of their lives, their relationships, their mental and physical health, as well as their employability.

We also aim to provide opportunities for aspiring and emerging writers and content creators, to develop and hone their craft as well as providing them with a platform to showcase and celebrate their works.

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