Find out how to set up a basic podcast in just one day!

This slide/video-based webinar is presented by publicist, journalist and commentator Tina Calder.

As founder of Excalibur Press publicity management, content creation and copywriting agency Tina has been in the business working in Northern Ireland for the last 20 years and has worked with a number of thought leaders over the years.


In this session delegates will learn just why podcasting can be an effective publicity tool for their business. They will see just how easy it can be to set up a podcast and hear top tips on how to get it right. This is a quick and easy session where delegates will leave with everything they need to know, including all the tools, to set up their podcast.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is podcasting and why is it popular?
  • Why Podcasting can be an effective tool for your business
  • How to record your podcast
  • What equipment you might need, if any
  • How to distribute your podcast
  • What content should your podcast contain
  • My top tips, tricks and tools

and much more...

We've set aside an hour and a half for this overview webinar which will help you start thinking about what you need in order to get your podcast up and running. There will be an opportunity to ask questions throughout.


Content Queen Tina will will take you through the basics of creating a podcast, recording it and what platform she uses to distribute hers across a variety of platforms including Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud and more...

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