Compañía María “la Serrana” brings sizzling flamenco from the heart of Seville.

In SANTUARIO Maira takes us into the mystical side of Andalucía, accompanied by the best gypsy artists of the moment. A truly passionate flamenco show, not to be missed!

In SANTUARIO will go deep into the flamenco styles that are somehow sacred for the flamenco community. In this show she brings to stage all the styles that were at the roots of constructing flamenco-art; The petenera that weeps the fate of the persecuted jews, the sensual zambra that were danced among gypsies and mores in the caves of the sacramonte, and the solemn soleares, which became the prayer of the gypsy community. There are styles calles saetas which we sing in precessions and alborea’s at the gypsy wedding.

With Santuario María will celebrate her 25 years on stage as a professional flamenco artist with a month-long international tour through Ireland, Holland, Belgium UK, and Malta. Of course, she will bring her dream team of singer Juan José Amador and Pepe de Pura, guitarist Luis Amador and spectacular dancer Antonio Moreno “”Polito””. For this show, local dancer Andrea da Silva will shine on stage with these Spanish artists.

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