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Though she might only be in the first chapter of her career, ascendant London DJ Peach has a catalogue of trustworthy cosigns behind her.

She was recently announced as one of the guests for Ben UFO’s blockbuster XOYO residency, playing with Objekt, Call Super and Karen Gwyer. Before that, her dreamy track Silky was released on Intergraded – a new imprint for emerging artists launched by Midland.

Ben and Midland are quite handy DJs to file Peach’s evocative style alongside. Like them, she adopts a loose view of genres and categories – sounds bleed into one another, joined only by an ability to impact dancefloors. It’s an outlook she’s applied to her Crack Mix which starts off in an atmospheric place before moving closer towards the club, then back-pedalling to more abstract, rhythmic shapes come the end. As you’ll see from the tracklist she sent us, it’s sprinkled with unreleased goodies, testament to a selector moving in the right circles.

If you’ve ever been to see Bwana play you’ll recognise he’s a DJ who looks after himself: his arms speak for themselves and he holds the unique distinction of being the only artist to have had a protein shake prepared for him mid-set on Boiler Room.


The Canadian producer, real name Nathan Micay, has been into weightlifting since high school, and a brutal incident during his student days made a focus on his health more pressing than the average twenty-something might give heed to. Walking home through Leeds’ Hyde Park on an early Halloween evening during an exchange year at the university, Micay was clubbed on the head with a pipe and robbed of his valuables while knocked out cold.

As he revealed in a Resident Advisor interview, this put him out of action for an extended period, halting a promising ascent in the loosely-termed post-dubstep scene. He’s since made an impressive return to the fore, changing tack to make music that blends house, disco, and techno into slick, driving club records, clocking up releases Aus, Cin Cin and LuckyMe while playing gigs worldwide.

The life of a touring DJ is a taxing one and keeping a close check on physical health is a necessary requirement. “The more you tour the more you realise your body's own limitations,” Bwana tells us during a Skype call. “Once you start realising that, you need to put a plan in place to ensure you can make this a sustainable career.” This is something Bwana is now helping other DJs with, running a personal training program for DJs and industry people in Berlin that he jokingly calls 'Bodies By Bwana', "like it's an infomercial or something.” He’s even made fake commercials for it on his monthly Berlin Community Radio talk show, which can be heard here.

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