Glengarry Glen Ross is, at its core, a character study about a group of men whose time has passed. For BFF19, we’re putting their words in new mouths. This all-female Live Read version, produced by Accidental Theatre & directed by Emily DeDakis, will shed a provocative light on David Mamet’s best-loved work. .

Glengarry Glen Ross – a high-pressure duel between desperate Chicago real estate salesmen – is heralded as one of the top, tightest scripts of all time. Mamet (the self-styled Free Capitalist of drama) is known for controversial views on and off the page. (His new West End play Bitter Wheat dives into the #MeToo conversation – with a hero styled on Harvey Weinstein. “Ugh,” writes The Guardian’s Lyn Gardner). But with an all-female version hitting Broadway this summer, and half a trillion pounds worth of Castlebrooke Investments sloshing around our city, when better than now and where better than Belfast to bring this film to life? Right in the heart of “Tribeca”, see a local cast (kept secret till the day) take on Mamet’s gem. Genius or heinous? Either way, you have our permission to lose your cool: This $#!+ is live. #GlengarryLive #SaveCQ

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