Beyond Skin, Belfast Music & Oh Yeah present Mim Suleiman, Ripton Lindsay & members of the Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis.

Mim Suleiman was born in Zanzibar and lived in Shangani (Stone Town) for most of her childhood, where she attended Tumekuja School and moved to the UK in the late 80s. Vocalist, Songwriter, Performer, Composer, Musician, & Workshop facilitator Mim Suleiman has been described as Mama Africa of the modern era. Mim has worked with Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festival extensively, leading workshops and performing. Mim has also been working with Beyond Skin since the beginning of 2017

Ripton Linday (Jamaica) is a choreographer, dancer, music producer and DJ. Ripton also has travelled the world providing educational dance workshops and performing at events. He has been recently touring with Mim Suleiman. Both Mim and Ripton were introduced to Beyond Skin by Peter Gabriel's WOMAD Foundation.

Orchestre des Réfugiés et Amis is a music project developed by Beyond Skin creating safe welcoming spaces for musicians in refugee or asylum status to meet, collaborate and socialise with a diverse of professional musicians. Some of the musicians from the ODREA representing Syria, Sudan, Greece & Poland will perform at this event.

This promises to be an epic event. One for the 'best nights out memory album' for sure. Thanks to the support from Belfast City Council, tickets are being offered at the ridiculously good £4 ticket price.

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