In preparation for the StreetSpace workshop in June 2021 we will hold an online meeting to share the experience of more than a year of collaboration for a better built environment in Sailortown.

Sailortown Regeneration, StreetSpace at QUB, Household and the regeneration teams in the Department for Communities and Belfast City Council have been working together to explore the stories of people of Sailortown so that we can better understand the needs of a resident and displaced community and provide ideas for a much better future for the built environment of Sailortown, one that caters for the needs, memories and ambitions of a diverse and authentic community.

We invite anyone interested in the history, present and future of Sailortown to join us for one hour of presentations and one hour small group discussions to further explore the ideas for Sailortown’s future.


2.00 – Launch - Gerry Millar

2.10 - Introduction – Agustina Martire

2.15 - Sailortown Regeneration – Terry McKeown

2.30 – Artistic collaborations in Sailortown - Household (Jane Butler, Sean Greer, Alissa Kleist)

2.45 – StreetSpace project – StreetSpace Sailortown - Agustina Martire

3.00 – Round tables

StreetSpace is a research and teaching project at Queen's University Belfast, led by Dr Agustina Martire, senior lecturer in Architecture. The project investigates the significance of local mixed streets through their urban form, histories and experiences. It challenges accepted urban analysis by establishing links with other disciplines involved in the study of streets. The project also seeks to enable the dialogue between academia, policy and the public through the organisation of local workshops, symposia and exhibitions.

Sailortown Regeneration was set up in 2006 to lead on revitalising the Docks area of Belfast for and by the community. Set up by ex residents whose community was destroyed in the 1970’s for an urban motorway, it owns St Joseph’s Church and Parochial House on a long lease. These are both listed buildings which are being reopened for Community Use and are an important asset for re-integrating Sailortown into the City of Belfast. Its aim is to create a family centred Waterfront Urban Village on the edge of the City Centre.

Household is an organisation that develops and shares thought-provoking art projects with artists and people in the public realm. Founded in 2012, Household produces activities for and with communities of artists, writers, curators, residents of –and visitors to– Belfast that take place across the city and respond to its complexities. Household focuses on telling untold stories, asking unspoken questions, and revealing hidden narratives through innovative site-specific public programmes, residencies, events and exhibitions. Since 2017, Household has worked closely with artists, local communities of interest and place, and organisations in Sailortown on a multi-annual programme of embedded socially engaged projects and commissions.

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