Belfast Exposed invites you to the Artist Talk with David Copeland, one of the MFA graduates exhibiting work in the group exhibition 'Anthropology' in Gallery I.

This is one of a series of Artist Talks we are hosting during 'Good Relations Week', discussing issues such as sectarianism, racism, human rights, physical and mental abuse, which are raised within the show.

This Artist Talk will also be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Viewers will be able to interact and ask questions to the artist live on air.

About David Copeland

David Copeland utilises conceptual and documentary approaches to explore the boundaries - physical, circumstantial and psychological - that hold humanity in-between. Continually drawing on his own lived experiences and circumstances to make work that is both personal and universal in its concern. David has shown work in both solo and group exhibitions, and this year he was awarded a place on the Belfast Exposed Futures Artist programme.

His current project a place to sleep explores his position within the boundaries of the provincial town he calls home.

Anthropology (MFA Graduate Degree Show)

"The works presented are universally human and deeply personal navigations of current climates and a response to exactly this moment in time. The exhibition sits with the process of grief and walks along the borders of small towns and fallen cities. Artists reckon with the aftermath of abuse and make sense of fluctuating architecture and the human effort to heal our natural environment. Perception is questioned and subverted to understand home, gender, and community. The work is steadfastly connected in rumination of our time and contemporary in the truest sense of the word."

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