Belfast Exposed is delighted to present Anthropology, highlighting the work of a selection of recent MFA Graduates from the Ulster University.

The works presented are universally human and deeply personal navigations of current climates and a response to exactly this moment in time.  The exhibition sits with the process of grief and walks along the borders of small towns and fallen cities. Artists reckon with the aftermath of abuse and make sense of fluctuating architecture and the human effort to heal our natural environment.  Perception is questioned and subverted to understand home, gender, and community.

The work is steadfastly connected in rumination of our time and contemporary in the truest sense of the word.

The exhibition is part of a partnership with the MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre) highlighting recent graduates from various BA and MFA programmes from Ulster University. The work will be accompanied by a series of artist talks and during Good Relations week we will host artist talks discussing sectarianism, racism, human rights, physical and mental abuse, which are raised within the show. This will be our first exhibition since lockdown and will be developed and managed in line with COVID-19 guidelines.

“In a year like no other, the work of the MFA students often feels poignant, challenging and, sometimes, even moving. These are personally rooted projects, each shaped by long term engagement and each diverse in process and structure. Subjects range from the promise of postwar housing plans and their outcomes to new forms of sustainable development and real alternatives to the routes we have taken until now. Elsewhere, the hidden landscapes of grief and trauma that affect so many, yet rarely find such visual clarity as here, are engaged. Without a single style or preoccupation, these are individual voices making work about what they know matters deeply -and in a world that it would seem more important than ever to get a fix on, perhaps these are the things that will grow to matter to all of us.” - Ken Grant, Course Director of MFA Photography, Ulster University

“It has never been a more important time for Belfast Exposed to support and forefront emerging artists. Not only to enable career development but because their work is vital for the progress and betterment of society. Partnership with local organisations like Ulster University and the MAC is imperative to furthering that support.” - Deirdre Robb, Chief Executive, Belfast Exposed

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