Join us virtually for an introduction to all things marketing that you should consider for your business or enterprise.

This free webinar will take you through the basics, social media planning and all the trends, tools and tactics to help get you ready for 21st century marketing.

This workshop is for business owner/managers and employees whose businesses are:

  • Based in the Belfast City Council Area
  • Employing fewer than 50 full time equivalent staff members.

The 2.5 hour long workshop will cover topics such as customer persona, the promotional wheel and setting SMART goals.

By the end of the workshop, participants will understand their customers and where they ‘hang’ out. Participants will understand the pros and cons of all areas of marketing including word of mouth, digital marketing, newspapers (and how they still have a place in 21st century) and e-marketing. Finally, participants will have set at least 3 SMART goals for their business (marketing) and have a template that they can populate and understand the reasons for.

This support is part of the Belfast City Council Enterprise Framework which is part-funded by Invest NI and the EU Investment for Jobs and Growth Programme.

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