Released Fri 23rd Oct across Facebook / Youtube / Instagram

Autumn saw more gigs planned and more gigs cancelled unfortunately, so we decided to do something a little different.

We were given the keys to the Black Box one Saturday in October, and invited along some of our favourite musicians for a little project we had been working on for a while. Essentially it is a single shot, walk-through type experience, with different music happening in lots of different spaces at the venue. It was great fun, and to be honest, very much needed. We’ve really missed live music. Hopefully the good time we had comes across in the final video which will be released Friday 23rd October at 7pm.

We decided to name the project ‘All The Noels’ after (possibly) the most well-known gig-goer in Belfast; Noel Stevenson. If you’re a regular concert goer, you’ll know Noel. If it’s worth going to, Noel will be there. We’ve seen him at Strange Victory Presents gigs, Open House Festival, concerts at The Duncairn, The Thin Air promotions, during The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, An Droichead shows, at Chamber Choir Ireland concerts, Oh Yeah Music Centre, Ulster Orchestra etc etc…you name it, he’s probably gone. We’ve chatted after Slint, had a pint after Peter Brötzmann, and danced at The Comet is Coming.

So this is our homage to All The Noels out there who are missing live music as much as we are. We can’t wait for it to be back.

A huge thank you to Blue Whale, Landless, Scott Flanigan Trio, Laytha, Steve Davis, Martha Guiney and Shane McCartan for joining us on the day.

Another huge thank you to Aaron Abernethy, Pablo Clark, Chris McCorry and Chris Brazier for the video, audio and lighting work, and our funders Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council and PRS Foundation for making it possible.


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