Acoustic Dan, is an authentic Belfast voice, a poet from the margins with a voice for the dispossessed.

A glue bag Johnny Cash crossed with Bertolt Brecht, hIs songs chronicle a life lived on the edge. They tell tales of sniffing glue ,‘Please Don’t Cut Your D**k Off (You’ve Just Taken Too Much Drugs)’ to idling in front of daytime TV all mixed through with uplifting tales of redemption and love. There’s also humour, plenty of it served darkly with a wry smile and a knowing wink. He appears at the Black Box following a series of sold out shows at the Sunflower.

Support comes from Big Monster Love aka Cormac McCanny, an anti folk troubadour from the wilds of North Dublin who delivers tragicomic songs of love and yearning for the modern inadequate.

“The same conscience and heart as Woody Guthrie.” Gigging NI

If you are easily offended, stay away.

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