29th Jul 2020 in Business

A decision on planning permission for a £500m development in Belfast city centre has been deferred.

Belfast City Council’s planning committee said it needed more information about revised plans for Tribeca in the Cathedral Quarter. Outline approval for the project, which includes retail, offices and accommodation, was given in January.

At the time, the council received more than 450 letters of objection to the plans and five in support.

A first phase of the project has already received approval, with the new plan having been put to a voluntary 10-week public consultation by the site’s owner, Castlebrooke Investments. It has properties spanning 12 acres between Royal Avenue and the Cathedral Quarter.

Campaigners from the group SaveCQ (Save Cathedral Quarter) have opposed the wider scheme for its plans on housing and the impact on historic buildings in the area. Castlebrooke has previously outlined that its new plans incorporate “non-listed building fabric which further retains the best elements of the historic streetscape”.

SaveCQ’s acting chair, Agustina Martire, welcomed the deferral and said she was “delighted” the council recognised there is “no social housing or family housing on site”.

“Now is the time for some creative thinking and proper communication to find a resolution which all parties can support,” she added.

The developer said it would not be commenting on the deferral.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-53569424

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