9th Jan 2020 in Business

Whilst a review of the implications of rates and the pressures on the retail sector is to be welcomed in the draft 2020 Reval for Belfast City Centre, the proposed rates increases to our burgeoning hospitality industry is of significant concern to the business community.

Cover Picture by Carrie Davenport

Gareth Neill CQ BID Manager reiterates the need for further clarity on the implications on our bars, restaurants and hoteliers.

“We are incredibly disappointed with the outcome of the 2020 Revaluation and the implications on the hospitality sector.

“The methodology for calculating business rates particularly to hospitality is incredibly flawed in it’s approach. This crude and outdated approach has the potential to damage the sector irreversibly.

“Cathedral Quarter has been the catalyst to the Belfast hospitality scene and not only a huge economic driver in terms of employment but for our buoyant tourism market and ensuring Belfast is a vibrant and attractive city to explore and enjoy.

“We will work closely with our colleagues in Hospitality Ulster, Belfast Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Business to reiterate these concerns at Council and Executive level.”

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