26th May 2022 in Community

The MAC have announced their partnership with Action Mental Health, one of five local charities they will be working alongside as a part of the MACtivate programme.

Action Mental Health works to actively promote the mental health and well-being of those in Northern Ireland. Through the MACtive programme, clients of Action Mental Health will be invited to participate in a range of art workshops with the aim of encouraging resilience. Taking inspiration from the gallery exhibitions available and working with resident artists, the project has already found an increase in confidence, independence and socialising prospects.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, MACtivate aims to address inequality through art to boost fairness and inclusivity in society. 

The MAC have also stated that they will be working with Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) throughout this programme; an organisation that supports marginalised people in asserting their rights practically in pursuit of social and economic change in the community.

With a shared mission of wanting people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to participate fully in the wider community while living their best lives, The MAC

Elain Forde, Creative Learning Manager at The Mac said: “We are working with five charitable organisations who are really addressing inequality in society. And at the moment we’re really doing that by enabling our associate partners to be based in The MAC and become embedded in what we do by co-designing creative projects.”

Gillian Carr, Former Service Manager at Action Mental Health has added: “The partnership with the MAC is really important to Action Mental Health as an organisation. It helps us connect in Belfast with the theatre and the arts, and has allowed people to use art as therapy. Be it helping people be more creative, helping them connect in the local area, which is increasing socialisation and improving their confidence and self-esteem.”

For more information on the work of Action Mental Health, visit here: https://www.amh.org.uk/ 


By Zahra Baz, Excalibur Press

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