6th Jun 2019 in Arts

This month’s Late Night Art coincides with the launch of the Belfast Photography Festival, so there is plenty to see and do in the Cathedral Quarter this month!

Engine Room Gallery, 59 North Street

There are two exhibitions launching in the gallery tonight – James Millar’s ‘Selected Works’ and ‘Lyrical Abstracts’ by John McMacken.

James Millar’s art springs from his deep interest in the central motifs and narratives embodied in myth and explored in the depth psychology of C.G. Jung and Sigmund Freud. His work is distinguished by rich imagery and symbolism combined with a rigorous application of draftmanship and the printmaker’s art.

John McMacken says “Albeit abstract in nature my work has a sense of time and place; though a product of creativity it is possible to make a connection to somewhere familiar. I have tried to find a balance between providing guidance as to what the work means for me and at the same time allowing the viewer the freedom to fashion his/her own personal journey.”

The openings of both exhibitions take place at the Engine Room Gallery on Thursday 6th June, 7:00pm until 9:30pm and each will run until Saturday 29th June.


Black Box, 18 – 22 Hill Street

‘Forgotten For Now’ is a series of photographs taken across New York City by Mary Morgan.

Exploring the ephemeral qualities of the everyday, these images aim to act as a deconstructed narrative of human presence. Intrigued by the aftermath and remnants of people and experiences gone by, Mary wanted to create a place within these images where the temporal can exist.

Life’s bits and pieces linger within these photographs and we wonder about these brief encounters, that have been forgotten for now.

Real Sketchy is on in The Green Room between 9 and 11 pm – an open live sketching event run by Seedhead Arts. Over the years it’s developed from something that was largely populated by artists to being somewhere that anyone can have a wee sketch and a laugh over a few pints.

Oh Yeah Centre

The Women’s Work Festival which began on Wednesday continues tonight with a Rooftop Sessions gig starring Brigid O’Neill, an award-winning singer-songwriter “…with a voice that can break your heart at 30 paces” according to BBC Radio Ulster’s Ralph McLean.

Getting to Know… Hannah Peel also takes place tonight. Women’s Work are proud to welcome producer, musician and composer Hannah as part of our regular series which offers a deep dive into the writing and recording processes of a given act and an open forum for audience exchange. Expect discourse, performance and surprise.

Mike’s Fancy Cheese

If all this visual art has left you feeling crafty (and hungry), The ASTRL Fibres Knot Club will be once again landing down at Mikes Fancy Cheese Shop in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter for the next Macramé Plant Hanger Workshop.

Come learn the basic knots and tips needed to make your own macramé plant hanger and sample some of Mike’s award-winning cheese while you’re at it.

The Belfast Photo Festival

Belfast Exposed

An exhibition showcasing three exceptional emerging Japanese artists and their responses to the theme “Portraits in the Post-Truth Era,” exploring the most cutting-edge conceptual and technical trends in contemporary photography. In line with Belfast Photo Festivals ethos, the presented work develops and supports young talent from the ground up, while showcasing them to the international photography community.

Margins of Excess exists at the intersection between accepted truth and subjective realities, between fact and fiction. The series focuses on the stories of six characters based in North America all of whom momentarily received nationwide attention in the US press.


The Lensculture Street Photography Awards will recognise and reward 39 photographers who are reinvigorating and redefining the genre of street photography today.

Golden Thread Gallery

One of the Festival’s headline events, Jump Trump gives you the chance to express your feelings towards the current US President, via a giant inflatable mattress!

Political Campaigns: battle of opinion on social media is an interactive net-based TV Show which filters the latest Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube posts according to the leading candidates of the parties in political campaigns.

In Kim Happiness, Philippe Chancel raises the question of the ethics of an image, not one taken from the news and the media, but right from its creation.

Jump Trump by Erik Kessels & Thomas Mailaender

Golden Thread Gallery pop up at Castlecourt

Artist Almudena Romero will be explaining step by step how to print photographs directly onto leaves using a plant’s own chlorophyll pigment and the power of sunlight for this workshop on The Chlorophyll Printing Process

Writers Square

Vice Presents Truth and Lies: We know the textbook definitions of the words “truth” and “lies,” but can their meanings change over time? Are they static or fluid? The bold black line we’ve always imagined separating what is true, factual, and correct from what is not feels more grey in recent years.

St Anne’s Square

Forgotten Places depicts reflections of places fallen into abeyance, these photos are but fragments of reality – facts – in an attempt to reconstitute a concealed story, shattered pieces, so difficult to gather and put together.

Personal Identity represents a collective search and celebration of one’s identity, being explored through family and multicultural life within our ever evolving settings and psychological frame of mind. For all of us, every photograph becomes a remaining memory of a period in our lives, a person met, a language spoken, a place lived in or a mood you were in.

Trusted Memory explores how living both on and offline makes the separation between real and fake even more challenging. Sometimes it is important to take a few seconds and occasionally to think ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where are we going?’

Cathedral Quarter – various

This Urban Intervention deploys strategies similar to the ones used on the controversial “TBC” tag campaign associated with the Cathedral Quarter redevelopment plans. Historical news and media imagery from the UTV Archive, printed onto posters and scattered around the Cathedral Quarter, are brought into the present day to coexist with contemporary life.

University of Atypical

Pseudo is a series that plays on what’s real and what’s not. In a world where we are constantly told about Fake News, not to believe the first thing you read or are told. And where social media and the internet toy with our beliefs and acceptances.


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