26th May 2022 in Business

Businesses are invited to apply for a £5000 Innovation Voucher to work with a public sector knowledge provider on an innovation project. The deadline looms nearer, as applications close on Friday 27th May at 3pm.

With the aim of building innovation for a stronger economy, the programme works alongside Universities and Colleges across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

While the programme does not involve direct funding to participating businesses, the Innovation Voucher can be used to create or improve products, services, business models or processes, for access to specialist expertise, and to tap into research and scientific expertise.

Kieran McGeown, STEAM Learning Academy LTD, a receiver of the Innovation Voucher, said: “I would strongly recommend Innovation Vouchers to other start up companies because it enables you to move a lot faster than you would otherwise as it involves getting superb expertise on your side. If it hadn’t been for that, we would still be at a very basic development stage.”

For more information, visit here: https://www.investni.com/support-for-business/innovation-vouchers


By Zahra Baz, Excalibur Press

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