19th May 2022 in Arts

Actor, political activist and comedian Chris McGalde is to take his highly acclaimed stand-up show ‘Forgiveness’ on a UK Tour from 4th June – 18th September, with a performance at The MAC in Belfast on the 23rd July. 

‘Forgiveness’ is a fiercely powerful show about the brutally shocking murder of Chris’ father in 2011 and how he has managed to forgive the man who did it. 

This is my father’s legacy. He was a funny, bighearted, inclusive, tolerant, forgiving man. Humour, passion, inclusivity, tolerance, and forgiveness are things I feel the world could do with a little more of today.”

McGlade is a stalwart of the comedy scene, having now performed all over the world as his career spans 3 decades. A Middlesborough native, he cut his teeth performing in the working men’s clubs of the North East of England.  

His working-class voice and views are not often heard without vilification or without the intention to split the UK further, but his powerful message of forgiveness transcends the divide. 

Passionately political, Chris spearheaded a fractious 6 year campaign opposing a large housing scheme earmarked close to home on Redcar’s Coatham Enclosure; one he was victorious in. That same fire and energy is evident in his performances. He looks past today’s liberal comedy consensus and reveals the hypocrisy present in Britain today. 

Chris’ conscientious comedy and cutting-edge poetry inspires uproarious laughter, tears of sincerity and standing ovations. It may not sound funny and it certainly isn’t PC, but ‘Forgiveness’ is a must-see show.

“I want free-thinking people coming along prepared to laugh at others and themselves. I don’t want people thinking ‘can I laugh at that?’ It’s like the comedic part of the brain has been lobotomized.”

Tickets to the 23rd July show are priced £20 and on sale now at https://themaclive.com/event/chris-mcglade-forgiveness 

Tickets for all dates are available at https://chrismcgladecomedy.com/live/ 

For more information check out https://chrismcgladecomedy.com/ 



By Cathaoir McKay, Excalibur Press

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