Destination CQ BID is due to end in September 2021. Would you like to see it renewed for another 5 years? The decision is yours!

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First established amongst the business community in Cathedral Quarter and Smithfield in October 2016 with a focus on delivering specific improvements needed by local businesses and organisations throughout the area. The wider Cathedral Quarter area is the leading destination for culture, hospitality, tourism, enterprise, and learning offering a dynamic and genuine experience of Belfast for residents and visitors alike. Destination CQ gives us, the area stakeholders, the opportunity to continue delivering improvements and benefits supporting us all working together into the future.

Destination CQ are a democratically elected not-for-profit organisation, with a voluntary Board of Directors that is representative of the areas businesses. Under government legislation all BIDs have a five-year tenure, at the end of which they must be re-elected in order to continue their work. We are therefore running a renewal ballot in September 2021.

Please continue to show your support by voting yes in September, to grant DCQ BID a second term. With this mandate we will deliver a range of exciting new projects, detailed in the pages to follow, and continue to ensure that business is at the heart of local decision-making.

View our Term Two Business Plan

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