24th Apr 2019 in Arts


After last year’s special tenth anniversary, we had a hard think about what to do next… what direction we want to take Culture Night going into its second decade…

So, we are delighted to announce that Culture Night Belfast will take place this year on FRIDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER!

AND as sure as day follows night, we are also delighted to announce that specially for this year, CULTURE DAY will be taking place the following day, on SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER.

We wanted to make a weekend of it. And we want you to also. So Culture Day will continue where Culture Night left off the evening before, with a unique unique blend of arts, culture, creativity and fun, in another free, inclusive family-friendly programme. With a few of the usual CNB twists of course…

More news to follow, but for now, we give you Culture, Night and Day!

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