4th Feb 2020 in Business

The Department of Communities is seeking public opinion on the current gambling laws in Northern Ireland and if any changes are necessary.
The Cathedral Quarter based solicitors, Edwards and Co, said this will be an important consultation for all involved in the betting and associated industries, especially charities and organisations that run prize draws.
Speaking on the Edwards & Co website Partner Jenny Ebbage said: “After a long lapse since the last consultation the Department for Communities are now seeking views on the regulation of gambling in Northern Ireland.
“This will be of particular interest for charities and other not for profit bodies that run society lotteries or prize draws and will be of even more interest to those charities that operate throughout the United Kingdom and who have found that at times the laws in Northern Ireland are at odds with those in the rest of the United Kingdom.
“We would encourage all charities who use lotteries or prize draws to respond to this consultation.”
The Department for Communities said: “This consultation paper has been drafted to seek public opinion on the current gambling law in Northern Ireland, and to seek views on whether changes are now necessary to ensure Northern Ireland has a more flexible and modern licensing framework capable of responding to the many societal and technical changes which have occurred in the industry.
“We are keen to hear the views of all parties with an interest in gambling in Northern Ireland, so that relevant views and evidence can be taken into account in any future policy decisions.”
The closing date for the consultation is 21st February 2020. Responses can be submitted online.
Full details can be found here:

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