23rd Nov 2018 in Business

Colliers International has recently released its Mid-Autumn New Home Report showing Belfast falling behind other major cities in the UK when it comes to city centre living.

In the past year new home sales have been dominated by semi-detached houses, making up over 50% of sales.

Despite only a 10% percent population increase in the UK, city centre living has doubled across all major cities.  In Belfast, development started small with the inner city population growing by only 1000 in the years leading up to 2011.  The pace has improved however and since 2011 centre living has grown by a further 4000.  According to Collier’s Belfast is still not achieving the comparable scale of city centre living to its peer group cities.

Gareth Neill, Destination CQ BID Manager said:

“DCQ BID is championing Belfast City Council through the Local Development Plan to promote a vibrant mixed living opportunity for the City Centre. For Belfast to be vibrant and ultimately attractive to new families, workers and employers we need to seize the opportunity and create the right conditions complimenting residential needs.”

Follow this link to read the full report.

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