10th Jan 2019 in Business

The DFC Clifton Gateway scheme which originally gained planning permission in 2012, has now been adopted as part of the ongoing Streets Ahead project.

During 2012, DfC (then DSD) commissioned White Young Green and the Paul Hogarth Company to develop designs for the public realm scheme gaining planning permission for various elements of the project.  However, due to government restructuring and lack of funding these proposals were never progressed.  The project re-started in 2016 and a new competition to appoint a design team was undertaken by DfC, with AECOM being appointed.

This Clifton Gateway Public Realm Project has recently come under the remit of the ongoing Belfast Streets Ahead Project and it is proposed by DfC that the project will be taken forward in two stages, with the first part being design and the second phase being construction of the new public realm to be completed in 2023.

The Clifton Street junction is a key gateway into the city and often seen as a barrier for the surrounding city centre communities. It is poorly connected in terms of cycle links whilst pollution, multiple crossings and navigating a cluttered footpath characterises the pedestrian experience. It is believed the Clifton Street/Carrick Hill junction is a major challenge in terms of connecting people and improving access to the city centre, and is an issue that has been raised on multiple occasions during the INW consultation.  In order to address these problems, the proposed design will include an updated pedestrian and cycle environment, a tree planted boulevard and updated crossings.

Initial stakeholder engagement has been conducted with wider community engagement to take place from 24th January 2019.  Engagement with these groups is key considering as part of the 2011/12 designs, fourteen potential public art locations developed for the project area to complement the Cultural Corridor concept previously developed by the Council.  With a change in design the DfC Project Team are currently investigating how best to incorporate art and culture into the Clifton Gateway project.

A public consultation will be taking place at Girdwood Community Hub, Thursday 24th January 2019, 10am – 8pm

You can access the full proposal here.

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