19th May 2022 in Arts

Join Chordblossom on 27th May 2022 in the Black Box, Belfast as they come together with eight rising artists to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Established in 2012, Chordblossom have remained dedicated to showcasing the ongoing wealth of musical talent on offer in Northern Ireland. 

Taking over the Main Room and the Green Room, the night is set to be filled with live music and a guaranteed slice of cake – or even two.

In conjunction with Forestside, Chordblossom will be welcoming Wynona Bleach, ROE, Travi the Native, Jealous of the Birds, Tour Alaska, Ferna, Thom Southern and Girl For Sale to the stage.

Tickets for the events are priced at £12; a low price for a high quality evening of entertainment.

1.Wynona Bleach

Formed in 2018, Wynona Bleach is a  five person alternative rock band who have been a Chordblossom favourite since 2013 under their former name of R51. February 2022 marked the release of their debut album, Moonsoake. Long-awaited, Moonsoake has been described as a ‘feel-good, head banding, fuzzy party’.

2. ROE

Making waves on the Chordblossom radar since 2016, ROE, Roisin Donald, has gone from being largely unknown to a recognised name in the music industry. After taking to big name stages, such as the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury 2017, and winning the 2018 Best Emerging Artist in Northern Ireland, there are hopes of hearing a sneak peak from her rumoured debut album at the event.

3. Travi the Native

Despite the initial ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ appearance, Travis Gilbert has been on the Belfast music scene since Spring 2020, but has been working on music long before his debut as Travi The Native by attending writing camps with both Sam Fender and Artful Dodger. It’s safe to say that Chordblossom are excited to be in the vicinity of his soulful alt-pop sound.

4. Jealous of the Birds

After the 2015 release of Goji Berry Sunset, Jealous of the Birds and Naomi Hamilton herself has been unforgettable in the eyes of Chordblossom. Now signed to Atlantic Records, Chordblossom was host to her debut show and are delighted to invite her back to celebrate their anniversary.

5. Tour Alaska

Solo venture for Gerry Norman, former frontman of A Plastic Rose, Tour Alaska has been a refreshing change of pace for the listeners at Chordblossom. Showcasing a more mellow and mature sound, Norman’s ability to create a strong and relatable narrative remains in place.

6. Ferna

Hannah McPhillimy left Chordblossom with a lasting impression upon their first interaction back in 2012. Now, under Ferna, McPhillimy embarks on the latest chapter of her musical journey; making the Black Box event a fitting opportunity to mark the tenth anniversary of the two. 

7. Thom Southern

Originally releasing music with his sister as an alt-rock, dream-pop sibling duo in the bands Southern and MMODE, Thom Southern decided it was time to create under his own name. Instead of alt-rock, Southern now favours a shoe-gazed sound.

8. Girl For Sale

Created by Candice Cathers, Girl For Sale’s debut EP left Chordblossom, and many others, wanting more. With soul-baring lyrics, and a lo-fi indie pop sound, Chordblossom’s 10th anniversary will mark Girl For Sale’s first ever live performance.

Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.blackboxbelfast.com/event/chordblossoms-10th-anniversary-party/ 

For more information, visit http://www.chordblossom.com/news/chordblossoms-10th-anniversary-party

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