27th Sep 2021 in Business

The Cathedral Quarter Business Improvement District (BID) has celebrated the success of its dedicated Clean Team.

Established by the BID in late September 2019, the CQ Clean Team is a rapid response ‘bespoke cleansing team’ dedicated to tackling the Quarter’s areas that need to be maintained. 

Destination CQ BID Manager Damien Corr explained the simple process for accessing the team as a resource. 

“The BID’s businesses can phone us up to, for example, if there’s been an incident at the weekend, such as graffiti,” he said. 

“They can call us, and we’ll get it removed within a short period of time.”

Completely free of charge, the team has been available three days a week to combat graffiti, eyesores and general mess as per the request of local business owners. 

Since the initiative’s inception, the team have removed upwards of 1600 pieces of graffiti around the Cathedral Quarter. 

It is also reported that the CQ Clean Team has saved businesses a mighty £150 per callout.

Damien Corr expressed his pride in Clean Team’s hard work to combat the remnants of antisocial behaviour throughout the years, as well as their diligence in keeping the Cathedral Quarter maintained throughout the lockdown. 

“These problems didn’t go away in lockdown,” he said.

“In fact, in many cases, they got worse. But we were still here.

“The clean team were still here working in the city, working with the organisations to get the work done.”

The clean team has proven itself to be an incredibly popular venture amidst the local businesses, with many rejoicing in the benefits of upkeep.

Director of Quigg Golden and BID member Gavin Hendrie explained that, for businesses, a clean Quarter makes for an excellent profit.

“The cleanliness of the general CQ area has been supported by the BID which is always good for business in terms of making it a place that people want to come and work in or clients want to come and visit,” he explained. 

This sentiment was mirrored by Les Hume, of Dawson’s Music and Sound, who revealed that the intensive street cleaning has encouraged further footfall in the district. 

“Being involved with the BID over the last five years has helped us incredibly,” he said.

“Additional street cleaning has made sure the area is tidy so that when our customers come in it’s not as ‘grotty’ as in previous years.”

“Those guys are on the street. They’re your servants,” he said. 

“That’s the beauty of them. They’re your cleaning team.”

“You can stop them outside your door and tell them what your priorities are and they will listen.”

For more information on the work of Destination CQ BID go to cathedralquarterbelfast.com or contact Damien Corr on 02890 314 011. 

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