25th Nov 2019 in Business

Silicon Valley is expanding into the Cathedral Quarter even faster than the highest expectations.

The high quality of our local talent pool means global ecommerce fraud protection company Signifyd has outstripped all growth rate predictions.

That means the company has been able to launch an unprecedented number of products in the past nine months from its River House headquarters.

The California-based firm announced its plan for a Northern Ireland Research and Development facility just last February with a plan to eventually have around 150 high-grade staff.
With its current payroll of 60-plus, the hi-tech firm says its gone into hyper-growth.

Signifyd CEO and Co-Founder Raj Ramanand said: “The depth of the Northern Ireland talent pool has outstripped our high expectations, meaning we’ve been able to fill crucial jobs at a pace that has allowed us to extend our leading position in the industry.

“We never doubted that Belfast was the right place to expand our R&D. We look forward to the years of growth ahead.”

The firm celebrated its rapid progress with a formal opening ceremony at River House in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

The centre provides technical innovation and support for Signifyd’s customers worldwide.
Developers and technical teams in Northern Ireland work closely with colleagues in Silicon Valley.

Their approach features small, adaptable, stand-alone groups to develop their own code from start to finish in constant consultation with colleagues in Silicon Valley in California.
The Belfast team has helped drive the growth that led to Signifyd being recognised as one of the fastest growing hi-tech companies in the US.

It’s now been included on the 2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list.

The R&D centre supports brands like Lacoste, FOREO, Pure Scooters, Jessops and thousands of other brands.

The Belfast team has contributed to a run of product releases including “item not received” protection and others.

The pace of growth means the firm plans further rapid development in the coming year.

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