27th Jan 2020 in Arts

After the recent approval of the outline plan for the Tribeca Belfast development by Belfast City Council, Susan Picken, Director of Cathedral Quarter Trust gave the following response:

“The Trust recognises that this is a major investment in the Cathedral Quarter that will transform the area over the coming years and will be a major driver for the local economy. We also recognise the significant amount of changes and resources the developers have put into revising the plans to address the most common concerns surrounding the development.

We are very concerned, however, by proposals for Writers’ Square which will see a drastic reduction in size and capacity. As the delivery organisation for Culture Night Belfast it is our opinion that the new Square will be unable to host the large-scale events for which Culture Night has become known and that the loss of this important civic space could impact on our future exciting plans for Culture Night.

We also believe that the plans proposed do not provide an appropriate setting for St Anne’s Cathedral, one of our most important historic buildings and the heart of the Cathedral Quarter, and will have a detrimental effect on the prospect of the Cathedral.’

We will continue to work with the developers, Castlebrooke Investments, and other stakeholders in exploring how these concerns can be addressed, in consideration of Belfast’s new Cultural Strategy and the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Draft Programme for Government. We will also be keen to explore the potential positive benefits, particularly for the arts and culture sector in the area, created by the new Developer Contribution Framework.”

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