20th May 2022 in Arts

Why do we always need to blame someone when things go wrong? We have been doing it since the dawn of time, but why? What even is blame?

Double Bass Player Emma smith and Lyricist and percussionist for Admiral Flow will collaborate together at The Black Box as part of the BLAME tour.

Artists Emma Smith and Phil Hague explore addiction, gaslighting in politics and the role of blame in justice and forgiveness through stunning music and visuals at The Black Box on May 29th @ 6:30pm, in The Green Room. 

Emma Smith shot to fame in 2015 following the release of her improvisation collective Bitches Brew celebrating female musicians from various genres with the aim of challenging the misogynistic viewpoint that one more girl band might be overkill or that there’s just not enough female talent to be recognised.

Before BLAME, musician Emma Smith studied at the Royal college of Music. Smith has a background in the classical and folk music genre and works for Music Without Borders, a non-governmental organisation that uses music for peace-building and social change. Most recently Emma played bass in all-female Ensemble ‘Chasing Sekura’ which was written whilst the composer Seonaid Aitken was recovering from injury during lockdown.

Music partner Phil Hague, multi-percussionist, drummer and lyricist, previously studied at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and played in Indie bands in his hometown of Edinburgh before becoming an established freelance musician and playing for organisations such as RSNO, BBCSSO, SCO and Scottish Ballet Orchestras. Just last year, Phil Hague released the single ‘Sleepwalking’ with his Indie folk band Admiral Flow. 

Emma Smith and Phil Hague also work together with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s ‘Vibe’ project, giving young people the space to create the kind of music they want to make regardless of their ability, their background or where they come from.

This particular event is presented by the Northern Lights Project in partnership with Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny. 

For more information go to:  https://www.blackboxbelfast.com/

Tickets to BLAME can be booked on EventBrite for £5 with an opportunity to donate if possible:




By Erin Horner, Excalibur Press

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