10th Apr 2019 in Arts

The 19th Belfast Film Festival launches this week, and 34 of its 100+ events take place in The Cathedral Quarter.

We have some exclusive features and interviews coming up over the next few days that will take you behind the scenes of some of the key CQ showings. In the meantime, we thought we’d whet your appetite with an at-a-glance guide to the special events, short films, and feature-length showings taking place in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

Thursday 11th April
Cecelia Condit Films – Beanbag Cinema @ 6.30pm
Bruce Springsteen On Screen – Black Box @ 7.30pm
The Plumber – Beanbag Cinema – Beanbag Cinema @ 9pm

Friday 12th April
The Wolf House – Beanbag Cinema @ 6:30pm
Garage – Beanbag Cinema @ 8:30pm

Saturday 13th April
Atypical Shorts – Black Box @ 12:00pm
Belfast Calibre 9 – Beanbag Cinema @ 12:00pm
Belfast Film Festival Virtual Reality Studio – The Barracks @ various
Born To Die – Beanbag Cinema @ 1:00pm
My Son And I – Beanbag Cinema @ 2:00pm
Kathryn Elkin Films – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm
Pop Up Puppet Cinema – Black Box @ 7:30pm

Sunday 14th April
BFF Quiz – Black Box @ 7:00pm
Dostoevsky’s Travels – Beanbag Cinema @ 2:00pm
Yours In Sisterhood – Beanbag Cinema @ 4:00pm
The Shivering Truth – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm

Monday 15th April
Film Devour – Black Box @ 7:00pm
The Bed Sitting Room – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm

Tuesday 16th April
Satan’s Slaves – Beanbag Cinema @ 9:00pm
The Chasing Grace Project – Black Box @ 7:00pm
The Old Crowd – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm

Wednesday 17th April
Of Love And Law – Black Box @ 7:00pm
One Day Pina Asked – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm
Relaxer – Beanbag Cinema @ 9:00pm

Thursday 18th April
The Great Satan – Beanbag Cinema @ 9:00pm
Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs – Black Box @ 7:30pm *SOLD OUT*
Up And Down – Beanbag Cinema @ 7:00pm

Friday 19th April
Random Acts – The MAC
Tossed Salad & Scrambled Eggs – Black Box @ 7:30pm *SOLD OUT*

Saturday 20th April
Fantasy Of The Deer Warrior – Beanbag Cinema @ 1:00pm
Glengarry Glen Ross: Live Read – Black Box @ 3:00pm
Schalcken The Painter – Beanbag Cinema @ 3:30pm
2019: The Fall Of New York – Beanbag Cinema @ 8:00pm
The Social Model – Black Box @ 7:00pm

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