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The Cathedral Quarter in Belfast has won a well-known reputation for being a hub of creativity and entertainment over the years.

However, what many people don’t know is that it’s also home to a wide range of charitable and voluntary agencies.

So whether you are in need of charitable services, want to volunteer your time or feel like donating, there are some amazing organisations in the Cathedral Quarter that could use your support or offer it to you. 

From helping marginalised communities to supporting the arts community, here are 7 Charity Organisations In the Cathedral Quarter:

1. Start 360

Working with young people, families and vulnerable adults, Start 360 delivers 27 services in Health, Justice and Employability across the country.

The charitable organisation is a leading provider of support services to young people, adult offenders, and families across Northern Ireland.

For a full range of their programs, go to start360.org.

2. Depaul

Working toward ending homelessness, Depaul provides low threshold, specialist services for those experiencing homelessness.

The cross-border organisation offers vital support and guidance to help break the cycle of homelessness. 

To support Depaul or to find out more about their services, go to ie.depaulcharity.org.


Providing support for servicemen and women, veterans and military families, The Armed Forces Charity offers a range of guidance and face to face support. They can help with the transitioning process, social care, advice and housing services, disability-related services, as well as mental health support for veterans, serving personnel and family members alike. 

To find out about their full range of support services and to learn more about how to support them, go to ssafa.org.uk

4. Combat Stress

The UK’s leading mental health charity for veterans has been helping former servicemen and women deal with PTSD, anxiety and depression for over a century. The organisation provides community services, outpatient and residential health services, along in-person meetings. They aim to help those with complex mental health issues deal with their past and look for a future.

To learn about the full range of support services available or to find out how to donate, go to combatstress.org.uk

5. Women’s Support Network

The membership organisation focuses on supporting women, supporting women’s centres, women’s projects, and women’s groups around Northern Ireland. This incredible feminist charitable organisation is focused on community development and making a positive impact on government policies. 

To learn more about the organisation and sign up for their newsletter, go to wsn.org.uk

6. University of Atypical

The disabled-led charity supports D/deaf artists and advocates for their involvement in the arts community.  Empowerment is at the centre of their activities, focusing on promoting the work of disabled artists. With a yearly program, they deliver exhibitions, events and the annual Bounce Arts Festival. 

For more information about the University of Atypical, go to universityofatypical.org.

7. Prison Arts Foundation

Aimed at helping former offenders in Northern Ireland, the charity wants to ‘inspire creativity and encourage personal and social change in offenders within the criminal justice system, through the arts.’ PAF offers support through the Artist in Residence Programme, Inspiring Change in the Community Programme and Arts Mentoring Programme. The activities give offenders the chance to express their feelings and develop crucial skills.

For more information about PAF’s work and details about where you can find the exhibitions go to prisonartsfoundation.com.

To find out about more charitable organisations in Belfast Cathedral Quarter check out the Destination CQ website at cathedralquarterbelfast.com

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