18th Oct 2018 in Business

£35m Streets Ahead III project further delay causing serious problems for Belfast City Centre – Cathedral Quarter Chair says.

Following the receipt of a letter today from The Department for the Communities confirming further delay to the Streets Ahead III project, Cathedral Quarter Trust and Destination CQ Chairman, Paul McErlean said:

‘At a time when the city centre is already under serious pressure following the Primark fire, any delay to investment, particularly of the quality of the Streets Ahead project is most unfortunate. The message from today’s letter is that a key decision can’t get made because we do not have a mechanism to make such a decision.

This is having a fundamentally negative effect on the northern part of Belfast city centre and the Cathedral Quarter which has already been partly cut off by the Primark cordon.

‘In the short term, we either need the Secretary of State’s new legislation to become law as soon as possible assuming it will allow decisions like these to get made and our politicians should also take note that their inability to restore devolved power is being felt on the streets of Belfast in this very tangible way.’

Gareth Neill, Destination CQ Bid Manager added:

‘It is very clear, despite the recent excellent work of Belfast City Council and other City stakeholders critical intervention is urgently required to continue to stimulate investment and development in this significant area of the City.

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