4th Nov 2019 in Community

As the temperature starts to drop during the days – and particularly during the nights – Belfast’s homeless community faces many challenges.

The Welcome Organisation’s outreach staff and volunteers are trained to provide potentially life-saving care and support for people on the street.

Now, the Welcome Organisation – in conjunction with the Housing Executive – has launched its extended on-the-ground homeless support to provide street outreach for all of those affected.

The outreach van is now out on the streets of Belfast 24 hours a day, while a second outreach van is operating from 8pm-8am.

The teams on the outreach vans will provide support to homeless people and rough sleepers – many of whom are in the Cathedral Quarter – and the second van will enable the Welcome Organisation to cover the whole of the greater Belfast area and not just the city centre.

And that’s where YOU come in….

The Welcome Organisation and Housing Executive need to know where the homeless community is so that they can provide them with the help they need.

Have you seen signs of people sleeping rough? Have you noticed tents in your local park? Or people sleeping in their cars? Are there sleeping bags discarded in alley ways? If you think someone is homeless and sleeping out, contact the Street Outreach team on 07894931047 (24 hours a day) or on 07851246814 between 8pm and 8am.

Help the Welcome Organisation’s Street Outreach team this winter as they are out in the cold helping the homeless so that no one else has to be…..

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