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Now that we’re starting to get back into the swing of being back to work after a long two years, deciding on what to have for lunch has proved to be somewhat bothersome. Why not treat yourself and spend your lunch hour at some of the best cafes and restaurants the Cathedral Quarter has to offer:


  • 44 Hill Street

44 Hill St, Belfast, BT1 2LB

As suggested, 44 Hill Street is named after its Belfast address. Described as being “a vibrant celebration of modern food and drink”,  44 Hill Street contains seasonal menus that make it the ideal spot to share with friends and family. With food created using only the freshest of local produce, this Cathedral-Quarter staple is a celebration of modern Mediterranean food and drink influence.

To find out more, go to http://www.44hillstreet.com/ 


  • The Northern Whig

2-10 Bridge St, Belfast, BT1 1LU

Located at the entrance of Cathedral Quarter, The Northern Whig remains dedicated to providing luxury, comfort and glamour to all guests. Offering only the very best of local cuisine, the versatile culture of the menu has been influenced by a range of cooking styles from across the globe.

To find out more, go to http://www.thenorthernwhig.com/ 


  • Pizza Punks Belfast

20-22 Waring St, Belfast, BT1 2ES

Cathedral Quarter became home to the first Pizza Punks branch in Belfast back in 2018. Since then, guests have been invited to add as many free toppings to their pizza’s as they would like for one flat fee. With sourdough bases, Pizza Punks’ inclusivity remains with vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options available.

To find out more, go to https://pizzapunks.co.uk/pizza-punks-belfast/ 


  • The Neighbourhood Cafe

60 Donegall St, Belfast, BT1 2GT

Cathedral Quarter’s very own brunch spot, The Neighbourhood offers breakfast foods from as early as 7:30 in the morning right through to the late afternoon. With a focus on specialty coffee, quality brunch and exceptional customer service, The Neighbourhood provides high quality meals for low prices.

To find out more, go to https://neighbourhood.cafe/ 


  • Deerah

107 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1FF

Deerah has brought the middle east to Cathedral Quarter with its Lebanese inspired menu. With a wide variety of foods to choose from, Deerah guarantees delicious, high-quality food made with the freshest and finest ingredients for an extremely affordable price.

To find out more, go to https://deerah-belfast.co.uk/ 


  • Made In Belfast

23 Talbot St, Belfast, BT1 2LD

Known for its eclectic atmosphere and interior, Made In Belfast is the go-to Cathedral Quarter lunch spot. With a back to basics approach sprinkled in with worldwide influences, Made In Belfast remains committed to serving locally sourced products to the highest of standards.

To find out more, go to https://www.facebook.com/madeinbelfast/ 


  • Established Coffee

54 Hill St, Belfast, BT1 2LB

For a tasty afternoon pick me up, Establish Coffee is the place to be. Making original coffee with a blend of Irish and American roast beans, Cathedral Quarter’s very own roastery also offers day-to-day sweet treats to accompany their coffee blend.

To find out more, go to https://established.coffee/ 


  • Coppi

Saint Anne’s Square, 11 Edward St, Belfast, BT1 2LR

Have you ever wanted to visit Venice, but the time has never seemed right? Look no further because Coppi has brought Venice to Belfast with their contemporary Italian cuisine. With a dedication to local produce, Coppi also offers an array of vegan and takeaway options.

To find out more, go to https://www.coppi.co.uk/ 


McHughs Bar and Restaurant

29-31 Queen’s Square, Belfast, BT1 3FG

Tucked away in the oldest standing building in Belfast, McHughs Bar and Restaurant. Known for its homely and welcoming atmosphere, McHughs offer guests a range of comforting and traditional lunch meals for an affordable price.

To find out more, go to https://www.facebook.com/mchughsbar/


  • Gnostic Bar and Kitchen

13 Corporation Square, Belfast, BT1 3AJ

Cosy and intimate, Gnostic Bar and Kitchen is the ideal spot to unwind during lunch. With an option for everyone, the extensive menu offers an array of brunch items, tasting plates, main courses, as well as cheese and charcuterie board platters; regardless of tastes, Gnostic Bar and Kitchen as an option for everyone.

To find out more, go to https://www.gnosticbelfast.com/ 


  • Biddy Farrelly’s

39 Gresham St, Belfast, BT1 1JL

Bringing the spirit back to Belfast in more ways than one, Biddy Farrelly’s is the place to be for history lovers. While enjoying the very best of the hearty and traditional food Belfast has to offer, explore the hidden flower garden, have a read at the books written by locals or even keep an eye out for the ghost of Biddy Farrelly himself.

To find out more, go to https://biddyfarrellys.wordpress.com/ 


  • Common Market

16-20 Dunbar St, Belfast, BT1 2LH

For when you and your friends can’t decide on what you want to eat, Common Market is here with the answers. With street food from all over brought together under one roof, Common Market has a selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

To find out more, go to https://commonmarketbelfast.com/ 

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By Zahra Baz, Excalibur Press

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