Real Sketchy

Real Sketchy

Since November 2012 Seedhead Arts has been running and developing Real Sketchy, a open live sketching event taking place in a bar environment. Over the year it’s developed from something that was largely populated by artists to being somewhere that anyone can have a wee sketch and have a laugh over a few pints.

We scan all the sketches and post them on our social media channels and since we moved into the Black Box, we can project all the sketches up on the screen as they come in, yes even the rude ones. Not only does this generate a great atmosphere as the various sketches come in but it means we now have a scan of all the sketches done over the year.

Although inspired by in the spirit of Street Art, we’re really interested in the cross-pollenisation between different disciplines like comic, illustration, design, etc etc and how this plays out in a live environment in a crowd of people with a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

The sketching is open to anyone with their own materials, although we bring some basic paper and pencils for people who forget.

Real Sketchy runs from 9-11pm on the same night as Late Night Art.

18-22 Hill Street, Belfast

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